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OKINAWA, JAPAN – Journeying from a small town in the middle of Texas to one of Japan’s 14,000 islands, a Marine’s story unfolds excellence. As part of a newly minted awards program designed to recognize superior achievement amongst financial management specialists, the Marine Corps awarded Capt. Brandon Crowder of III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group as Financial Management Officer of the Year for calendar year 2023.

Unbeknownst to Crowder at the time, his journey toward becoming a Marine began at the age of 15 during a hunting trip with a family friend who was serving as a brigadier general.

“I shot a deer and upon bringing it back to the house, he saw I made a good shot and gave me a command coin for it,” said Crowder.

When approached by a Marine Corps officer selection officer at Texas State University, Crowder recalled his prior experience with the general and took another step toward becoming a Marine.

“I was impressed by the recruiter’s intelligence and athleticism, so I joined the workouts and stuck around,” said Crowder.

In initial financial management training, he placed at the bottom of his class; his story is also one of redemption and resilience. Committed to making things right when he went back to attend an advanced financial management course, where he graduated at the top of his class as the honor graduate.

“When I left [initial training] I was ranked 14 out of 15, fast forward, I went to my advanced course three months ago, and graduated top of my class as the honor graduate,” said Crowder. “It felt good to right that wrong.”

Crowder’s humility shines through his ability to be inspired by others and reflect on his experiences. He uses this willingness to learn to guide his Marines. As the first FMO of the year, he credits his Marines for making this accomplishment possible.

“I attribute this [accomplishment] to my Marines 100 percent; this wouldn’t have been possible without them,” said Crowder. “You just point them in the right direction and it gets done; these Marines are very good at what they do.”

The financial management office handles all the fiscal year requirements for the MIG Headquarters and more than four battalions. Crowder’s supervisor Lt. Col. Jeffrey Brewer, the III MIG Executive Officer, had this to say about the Marine:

“Captain Crowder is the quintessential Company Grade Marine Corps Officer—hard-working, physically fit, brimming with initiative, a master of his comptroller craft, and a leader who models high standards of personal and professional conduct, in and out of uniform,” said Brewer. “We could not be prouder of him and his accomplishment.”

Today, Crowder recognizes the evolution of his accomplishments, ultimately thanking his parents.

“They enabled my success by teaching me the importance of hard work and consistency from an early age, which has paid dividends in my time in the Marine Corps.”

Date Taken: 02.07.2024
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